Saudi Arabia hands over 27 child fighters back to Yemen govt.

Saudi Arabia hands over 27 child fighters back to Yemen govt.

The Houthi militia depends largely on child fighters, whom it recruits indoctrinates with an extremist ideology and turns them to fearless killers.

The Arab Coalition forces extradited on Thursday 27 children previously seized fighting against the Saudi forces in the Yemeni-Saudi border.

An official source in the Coalition said the "children were seized on a number of fronts on the Yemeni borders with the Kingdom."

The Sharoora Forces camp handed over the children to representative of the Yemeni government in the presence of representatives from the Coalition command, International Committee of the Red Cross, Saudi Red Crescent, Unit for Child Protection in Armed Conflicts, and Saudi Human Rights Commission.

Every child was given a sum of money as a gift from the Coalition's Joint Forces and symbolic gifts. Afterwards, memorial pictures were taken with the children before they were boarded into buses and transported to the Yemeni city of Marib where a Saudi-backed center de-radicalizes fighters, rehabilitates them and integrates them into mainstream schools and society.


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