Houthis' female extremists destroy library in Sana'a mosque

Houthis' female extremists destroy library in Sana'a mosque

Houthi female extremists escorted by men have destroyed the library one one of the famous mosques for "containing books that differ from Hussein al-Houthis' interpretation of Islam," eyewitnesses said.

The sources said the female militants stormed into Asalam Mosque (Peace Mosque) in al-Qaa square in downtown the capital Sana'a, and set ablaze the books in the mosque's library, the eyewitnesses told Newsyemen website (based outside Sana'a) on the condition of anonymity.

The library burning is one of myriad cultural cleansing acts perpetrated in regions controlled by the Shiite Islamists. 

Yemeni officials accuse the militia of "stealing artifacts, destroying libraries and rare manuscripts" acts that were typical to ISIL in Iraq and Syria.


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