Houthis abduct tens of passengers in Ibb-Dhale'a road

Houthis abduct tens of passengers in Ibb-Dhale'a road


Houthi gunmen in Yemen's central province of Ibb have kidnapped dozens of passengers traveling in the road between Ibb and Dhali'a province during the past two days, local sources said on Tuesday.

The rebel militiamen "abducted more than 50 passengers, most of them are blue-collar workers in unskilled jobs."
The abductees were taken to Ibb Central prison, said the sources without knowing why.

In the provinces under their control, the Shiit Islamists deploy militants in checkpoints to search passengers' mobile phones for any opposition material. People arrested with anything their phone hinting that they are not in the militia's favor risk an indefinite disappearance or detention and torture.  

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