Mothers says Houthis moved their daughters to unknown detentions

Mothers says Houthis moved their daughters to unknown detentions

The mothers of girls abducted by Houthis for protesting against the radical militia in mid-January in Sana'a have been moved to unknown detention places. Al-Khaleej newspaper reported that the anguished mothers proceeded to the militants' jails to inquire about their daughters but, to their surprise, the militants had transferred them to unknown destinations.

The militia is refusing to disclose the whereabouts of more than 15 girls whom they abducted from a rally in the capital Sana'a in the middle of this January.

The girls were participating in a large female protest in al-Tahrir square in to condemn the extremist religious group's control over the capital  and the deterioration of humanitarian conditions including the withhold of public employee salaries.

The mother of one of the girls who was too afraid to disclose her name but wanted to be identified as O.H. said the Houthi militia are assaulting the abductees and Houthi female militants are even torturing them in the jails.

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