Houthis claim responsibility for attack that killed, injured journalists in Taiz

Houthis claim responsibility for attack that killed, injured journalists in Taiz

The Houthis have claimed responsibility for an attack that killed one journalist and injured another among other military and civilian people in Yemen's central city of Taiz on Monday.

In a statement carried by their held news agency "Saba" in Sana'a, the Shiit Islamists said their sources confirmed "the death and injury of dozens of mercenaries as a result of the ballistic missile that hit al-Khayami camp at a time of a military parade in it."

Local sources said that the militia's ballistic missile killed four soldiers and five civilians including the correspondent of Belqees TV channel Mohammed al-Qadasi inside the camp in al-Nashama region in Taiz. The attack injured seven others including the correspondent of the Arabic Russia Today (RT) TV channel, Basheer Aqlan.

The militia also showered the neighborhoods around the camp with Katyucha rockets and mortar rounds injuring an unidentified number of civilians.

Several local humanitarian organizations condemned the attack. The Yemeni Coalition for Monitoring Human Rights Violations (YCMHRV) said this heinous crime "is a new episode in the Houthis' record of systematic indiscriminate shelling which have killed and injured hundreds of civilians."

The YCMHRV called on the international human rights organizations to document these atrocities "which amount to war crimes against humanity."

The Iran-backed Islamists have been besieging Taiz for three years cutting off the city from essential food and health aid and killing and maiming the city's civilians by raining down Katyucha rockets into its densely populated neighborhoods, sniper shootings, and landmines among other methods.

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