Yemen Press cutting

Yemen Press cutting

  1. Samir Abdullah Noaman, 37, a civilian, was killed by a Houthi mortar round fired on his village in al-Dhabab west of the city of Taiz, local sources said on Sunday. The Houthi rebel militia continuously shell al-Dhabab and other areas in Taiz city which they have been besieging for three years. #Source: Several media.

  2. Houthis have clashed with tribesmen from Ans district, in the northern province of Dhamar, and unidentified number of people were killed and injured. A convoy of Houthi militants stormed al-Hussein village in the district to arrest a Sheikh (tribal chieftain) who has ties to the slain Ali Abdullah Saleh. The attempt to arrest him caused a breakout of clashes and the withdrawal of Houthis after failing to arrest the Sheikh. #Source: al-Taghieer news website.
  3. Houthis arrested Yahya al-Hindwana a chieftain of a neighborhood chieftain in al-Hasaba district in Sana'a on Saturday as he refused to recruit young people of the neighborhood to joint the rebel militia's military camps. #Source: al-Taghieer news website.

  4. Houthi militants seized Hisham AbdurahmanBajjash an employee of the International Organization for Migration and the son of a famous Yemeni journalist, his father said in a facebook post. #Source: Several media

  5. Houthis abducted, killed and raped Amal al-Qulaysi a female activist in Ibb last week. #Source: Several media.

  6. Members of Asayeb al-Hussein a brigade with the Houthi rebel militia have snatched 33 children in Saqayn, Mubbeh, Dhahyan and other areas in Saada to train them to be new fighters. Asyeb al-Hussein is part of the Houthi militia's Death Squads which storm the houses of the population in Saada at night to take the children available at the house to military camp where they are radicalized and trained to become holy warriors in the militia's ranks. # Source: Several media

  7. Mohsen Omar a teenager from Dhale'a was released today from the Houthi prison after his family paid a big ransom but signs of brutal torture are manifest in his body. #Source: Al Sahwa website.

  8. Last week Ahmed Ali Saleh Ashanni, an activist, died of torture at the hands of Houthi militants in a jail in Dhamar. He had been abducted from Sana'a two months before. #Source: Several website.





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