Houthis recruiting holy warriors through mosques

Houthis recruiting holy warriors through mosques

The Houthis are trying to recruit holy warriors against the government through the Sana'a mosques, local sources said.

The sources in the capital said that mosque preachers, upon the orders of the Shiit Islamist group, are now inviting people to come to military camps to train for Jihad.

 The rebel militia takes its religious roots from a perverted version of Zaydi Islam which believes that Houthis, in their merit as "descendants of prophet Mohammed", have a divine right to rule the roost unrivalled. A form of Islamic state called the Imamite that one can compare to ISIL's "caliphate."

The Houthi rebel militia is trying to re-educate its puritan ideology within their areas of their control to become holy warriors, from soldiers and school boys and girls to teachers.

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