Houthi militants rape, kill GPC party female activist

Houthi militants rape, kill GPC party female activist

Houthis have abducted, raped and killed a female activist in the GPC party, the faction of the party that had been an ally with the violent religious militia until late November when it switched sides in the government's favor. 

 The state-run news agency quoted sources as telling that "Houthis abducted Amal al-Qulaysi on Thursday dawn, interrogated and raped her, then killed her and threw her body in one of the avenues of Taiz Street" in downtown Ibb, south of the capital Sana'a. 

Yemen's government condemned the incident saying it is "part of the Houthi militia's serial atrocities since they have been committing they seized power."

Minister of Information Muammar al-Eryani called on the international human rights organizations to condemn the militia's crimes.

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