Houthi militia refuses to disclose whereabouts of abductees

Houthi militia refuses to disclose whereabouts of abductees

The Houthis are refusing to disclose the whereabouts of more than 15 girls whom they abducted from a rally in the capital Sana'a in the middle of this month, sources in the capital said.

A large female protest was organized in al-Tahrir square in mid-January to condemn the extremist religious group's control over the capital  and the deterioration of humanitarian conditions including the withhold of public employee salaries. The militia dispersed them by brutal force and reportedly abducted many than 15  of them.

 The scared families have been cautiously asking about their whereabouts and did all they could but to no avail, local sources said.

A senior female activist loyal to the slain Ali Abdullah Saleh and member of his faction of the GPC party who is now in Marib said the militia arrested more than 50 women in an earlier protest to demand the corpse of Saleh, whom the militia had killed for switching sides to the government.

The worry of the abducted girls' families increased after the news of raping and killing a GPC female activist in Ibb city, south of Sana'a, by Houthi militants.

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