Schism emerges within Houthis' ranks in Aljawf

Schism emerges within Houthis' ranks in Aljawf

Local sources have confirmed the emergency of schism in the ranks of the Houthi rebel militia in Almasloob district in Al-Jawf, as differences began between the militia's top leaders there.

The new differences led to the withdrawal of some leaders from the frontlines against the government forces.


The sources said the differences were sparked when landmines planted by a Houthi faction in anticipation of the advance of the government forces claimed unintended victims;  tribesmen from Bani Nowf, loyalists to the Houthis.

The disputes began thereafter and more than 25 elements of the militia, including leaders, have withdrawn from the battle lines accusing their comrades of causing the death of innocent people in "mock battles."


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