Al-Odeini tells EU official Islah party supports political solution

Al-Odeini tells EU official Islah party supports political solution

In a meeting with the EU Head of Delegation to Yemen Antonia Calvo-Puerta, the Deputy Director General of  Media Department of  the Islah party (the Yemeni Congregation for Reform)Adnan al-Odeini has affirmed the party's support of for a political solution to the country's conflict.

He said that the solution should be based on the outcomes of the historical National Dialogue Conference, the GCC Brokered Agreement and the UN resolutions on Yemen including resolution no. 2216. 

Al-Odeini said no political dialogue will work until the Houthi militia hands over weapons and withdraws from cities, the core requirements of the UN resolutions.

He said it was important that weapons be solely in the state's hands. He told Calvo-Puerta that the Reform welcomes any international and regional efforts end the coup d'état and restore the state.

He said that peace is a priority to the party as the Houthis have waged their war, first, on the state and, second, on the political process. 

On her part Calvo-Puerta praised the party's stances and contributions in the different rounds of political talks.

She condemned the Houthi persistent crackdown and targeting of the party's leaders and activists. 

Al-Odeini also hailed the EU for supporting Yemen's internationally recognized government of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi.




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