Houthis kill four civilians in Taiz, one by sniper shooting

Houthis kill four civilians in Taiz, one by sniper shooting

Houthis have killed four civilians in Taiz on Tuesday, three by rocket shelling and one by sniper shooting in a separate incident.

The rebel militia fired rocket at al-Moaqiya village in al-Dhabab in western Taiz, killing Ahmed Saad 40, Ahmed Abdulmajid 50 and Ali Abdulmajid 45. Unidentified number of other civilians were injured in the rocket attack.

In a separate incident in the same day a Houthi sniper has gunned down a man as he was walking in the street, local sources told the media.

Ahmed Saad, 40, from Salah district in Taiz, was walking when Houthis' notorious sniper stationed on Asallal hilltop shot him dead.

The Shiit Islamist militia has been deployed around the circumference of Taiz city, in road checkpoints and on hilltops, laying a strangling siege around the city and shelling its center for three years now. Hundreds of people in Taiz have been killed and injured by Houthi sniper shootings and rockets fired into the center of the densely populated city.    



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