Army re-arrests Houthi child fighter one week after his release

Army re-arrests Houthi child fighter one week after his release

Yemen's armed forces re-arrested a child fighting in the ranks of the Houthis just a week after his release, sources in the armed forces told Al-Mashehad Al-Yemeni website. 

The army arrested Mohammed Mohsen al-Bararah, 14, fighting in Nate'a in the central province of Beidha on Sunday one week after he had been released from a brief imprisonment in Marib that followed his arrest as a fighter in Houthis' side in Nehm warfront to the east of Sana'a.

An army video (on this link  showed a military journalist asking al-Bararah who recruited him to the radical militia's fighters before the child breaks down in tears. Another army officer who shot a video with al-Bararah said there are "lots and lots of children like this arrested fighting in the Houthis' ranks."

Houthis recruit children in spite of their relatives' will or without their knowledge and subject them to an ISIL-style indoctrination before sending them to fight the government forces "the agents of America and Israel". The militia promises those who die in its cause an eternal life in the paradise.



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