Houthi militia deploy new children to warfronts

Houthi militia deploy new children to warfronts


The Houthi rebel militia has deployed a group of newly recruited children from their homes to the different fronts for fighting the government, sources in the capital Sana'a said.

Militiamen collected the children who were recruited from schools using the stick and carrot approach to their parents to allow them join the Shiit Islamists' "holy war", the sources told Yemen News Gate (YNG) on Monday.

Houthi militants recruit children in schools and indoctrinate them without their parents' knowledge, but sometimes also the deployment of the children to the battlefields happens without the without parents' knowledge.

"The rebel militia deployed more than 20 children from Salah Adddin, Allakamah and the 60-Meter Road neighborhoods in Sana'a, intimidating or luring their parents (financially) to accept. And in certain cases without the relatives' knowledge." 

The rebels prefer children because they are easily indoctrinated and turned into fearless killers.

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