Houthis extort prohibitive "war funding" from Sana'a traders

Houthis extort prohibitive "war funding" from Sana'a traders

The Houthi rebel militia controlling the capital Sana'a has been exacting huge amounts of money estimated  in the tens of millions of rials from Sana'a traders and businessmen these days.

A number of Sana'a traders told Bawabat Al Yemen news website that the militia men extorted them "to pay the War Funding levy" and intimidated everyone to pay to avoid being labeled "as a traitor" and taken action against. Eyewitnesses said they saw en mass closure of shops in Taiz Street in downtown Sana'a in an attempt to escape a Houthi forceful Houthi levying campaign, which they see as illegal and a sort of extortion.

The rebel militia said it levied 35 million rials as taxes in Sana'a in the past nine days of January.

The Director General of the Taxes Office run by the militia, Abduljabbar al-Maqtari, told the militia's media that the Office's levying campaign has "achieved good results" and is readying to "collect cash revenues above YR 1.200 million this year."

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