Young people set out to spread UXOs awareness

Young people set out to spread UXOs awareness

Thirty young men and women from Shabwa have set out on spreading awareness among the public about the hazards of landmines and UXOs planted by the Houthi rebels in Beihan and Osaylan districts of the eastern Shabwah province.

The state-run news agency "Saba" reported that the thirty men had taken a month-long training course organized by the UNICEF on the subject.

The awareness raising drive was inaugurated by the Secretary General of Shabwah Local  Council Abd-Rabbu Hashlah in the city on Sunday.

Before withdrawing from Beihan and Osaylan the rebel militia planted hundreds of landmines.

Meanwhile Hashlah inaugurated a "Friendly Space" within the 30th November School dedicated to the rehabilitation of children traumatized during the recent fighting that ended in the liberation of Beihan and Osaylan from the rebels.

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