Yemen Press cutting:

Yemen Press cutting:

  1. A new report on Houthis' human rights violations showed that the rebel militia uses 25 techniques of torture against journalists in its captivity. The report by Sada, an NGO concerned about Yemeni journalists' rights, showed that the militia tortured 55 journalists by electrocution, mock execution, brutal beating, deprivation from basic needs( food, sleep, toilets, medicines, etc.) forcing them to drink sewage, physical abuse during sleep, hanging prisoners upside down among 25 torture techniques in the intelligence jails. # The gist of a report by Marib Press news website.

  2. A Houthi leader, named Abu Ammar al-Azab, raped a 16 year old school girl after he had abducted her on her way back home from school in Anes, Dhamar province. Al-Azab is the militia's security supervisor of al-Sharq-Anes highway. He also got the girl dimissed from school and threatened to cut the tongue of her father if he speaks out. #Source : Al Hikmah website.

  3. Yemen's Information Minister visited in Marib on Saturday a camp for rehabilitating children formerly recruited as fighters within the Houthi ranks."It is saddening that the Iran-affiliated Houthi militia abducts our children in the age range between 8 and 15 to involve them in the fight against the Yemeni state and people," he said. #Source: Several media

  4. Houthis attacked a number of women who rallied in the Tahrir square in Sana'a on Saturday to condemn the Houthi insurgency that plunged Yemen in its worst humanitarian crisis in history. The militiamen beat the women severely and abducted some of them to jails. #Source: Several media

  5. A security source in Lahj said that policed seized three trailers laden with relief aid from the UNICEF that the Houthis was in its way to a merchant in Aden after the Houthi rebels had sold it to him.


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