Taiz: 2206 Houthis violations in December

Taiz: 2206  Houthis violations in December

The Human Rights Information and Training Center (HRITC) said on Saturday that the Iran-aligned rebel militia of Houthis committed 2206 violations in the province of Taiz last December.

In a press statement, the HRITC said it documented 47 cases of killing civilians including 12 children and three women by sniper shooting and by rocket shelling into Taiz city and villages in its suburbs.

Two children were killed by Houthi snipers, who have been gunning down civilians since 2015.

The militiamen injured 96 civilians in that same month "including 27 children and four women".

The militia abducted 39 civilians forced 23 of them into disappearance, tortured  11 persons and executed one.

Unidentified but reportedly large numbers were forced to leave their villages and homes in Alhaymah, Alqooz, , al-Ashrooh, Mawze'a, Maqbanah, Ashaqab and Aljerat districts in the city's suburbs.

The government forces reportedly killed two civilians in the same month.

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