Houthis send children to warzones, spare adults

Houthis send children to warzones, spare adults

The Houthi militia continues to recruit children and send them to the battlefields against the government and spare their adult leaders in Sana'a.

The militia lures children with money to go and do the job while their adult leaders are living a safe convenient life in the capital Sana'a city and Saadah city. It is evident from the sticky posters of "martyrs" seen on cars and buildings everywhere in their areas of control.  

Muaadh Yusuf al-Saeedi, 15, was alive and happy in his house in Sana'a at least until December 1 last year. But by December 3, he was returned as a corpse to his family by the Houthis who had abducted him and sent him to the battle zone of Nehm in east Sana'a. His story is only one of dozens that Yemeni news websites publish in Arabic. And these stories are only a few of hundreds that the news media cover.

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