Increasing signs of Houthi rift from within

Increasing signs of Houthi rift from within

The signs of split within the Houthi rebels responsible for plunging Yemen in its most devastating war and humanitarian crisis in history are appearing as a hope for the Yemenis that the problem may sort itself out.


After they alienated their staunch ally the former president Ali Abdullah Saleh pushing him to the government's side and killing him and ruling the roost in the capital Sana'a as of early December, the Shiit Islamist militia now seems to be visited with Saleh's curse.


The Deputy Commander of the "Central Security Forces" Ali al-Gharasi was murdered inside his house in Sana'a on Thursday, according to al-Arabiya TV, just 24 hours after the killing of Mohammed al-Ghayli the military "Supervisor" of Saawan, a district in Sana'a. These are only the latest incidents in increasing mysterious murders and verbal rivalry between the militia's different warlords in what shows obvious signs of Houthi rift from within.

The circulating news is that Abu Ali al-Hakem the chief of the "Military Intelligence" has formed assassination units to eliminate the middle-level military leaders who support his rivals, a main rival is Mohammed Ali al-Houthi the cousin of the militia's leader Abdul-Malik al-Houthi.


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