Houthi militia torture Toweiti to death

Houthi militia torture Toweiti to death

A new man has died of torture at the hands of Houthis after less than two months of his abduction by the Shiit Islamist militia, local websites reported.


Ali al-Toweiti, 35, was arrested by the rebel militia on November 19 when he was traveling back to his village in Yarim of Dhamar coming from  Qaatabah in Dhale'a.


He was abducted by rebel militants in the road and transported to a jail that the militants run in Dhamar, informed sources told the media. He was subjected to brutal torture to the point of his death last week. The Iran-backed militants torture peaceful oppositionists and even suspected oppositionists to their military takeover. Several people have died of torture in their captivity.

Most recently Ahmed al-Wahashi, one of their detainees, died after they tortured him too brutally and broke him from his backbone into two halves. Among many techniques of pain infliction the militia uses electric shocks, beatings, and sleep deprivation, as well as psychological torture.

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