Arab Coalition spokesman says Yemen ports all open for aid

Arab Coalition spokesman says Yemen ports all open for aid

The spokesman of the Arab Coalition backing the Yemeni government against the Houthi rebel movement said that Yemen's air, land and sea ports of entry are all open for receiving aid assistance.

In his weekly press conference in Riyadh on Wednesday, Col. Turki al-Maliki said that the Coalition, since the beginning of its intervention to the side of the Yemeni government, has granted 17293 aid delivery permits to humanitarian organizations that sought to bring relief aid to Yemen.

He said that the Humanitarian Coordinator in Yemen was biased in favor of the Houthi militia in his latest report on Yemen. He said that the report was of the Houthis' dictation. 

He showed videos of airstrikes that the Arab Coalition targeted at caves storing Houthi ballistic missiles in Sana'a affirming that the Coalition's airstrikes are precisely targeted.  

He said that the Houthis tried but failed to fire a ballistic missile toward Saudi Arabia on Friday. The militia has so far shot 86 ballistic missiles toward the Saudi territories.

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