Al-Akeemi: The coming days will see big victories

Al-Akeemi: The coming days will see big victories

Ameen al-Akimi the governor of Aljawf province, the army's eastern  warfront against the rebel militia, said that the coming days will see big victories.

In a statement to the state-run Yemen News Agency "Saba" on Monday, al-Akeemi said: "The liberation process will not stop at Al-Jawf. We will participate effectively in liberating all the provinces remaining under the Houthi militia's control.

He called for an uprising against the militia and for rallying behind the political leadership and the national army to accomplish the liberation mission. The correspondent of www.alsahwa-yemen .net said that earlier in the same day, al-Akimi toured the Yatamah market and neighboring areas from which the Houthi rebels had been expelled the day before.



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