Hadi says Houthis stabbed the nation's back

Hadi says Houthis stabbed the nation's back

President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi said the Houthis stabbed the nation's back, referring to the militia's abandoning of the historical National Dialogue 2013-2014 and conducting a military takeover.

In a phone conversation on Monday with Ameen al-Aokaymi the governor of Aljawf, an eastern province, Hadi emphasized the necessity of getting rid of "that rouge militia" saying that would be "the only option to build a new federal Yemen."

He said that the rebel militia betrayed the Yemeni people's trust to fulfill Iran's agenda in Yemen. He hailed the heroic performance of the national warriors with support from the Saudi-led Arab Coalition in fighting to maintain and defend Yemen's pride, dignity and land.

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