Press cutting

Press cutting

  • Clashes have erupted between the Houthi rebel militants and tribesmen of Hamdan in the capital Sana'a, several media have learnt. The fighting broke this week between rebel militiamen and tribal people of al-Hattab an area in Hamdan district north of the capital city. The militiamenarrested a number of tribesmen in the road. The Houthis have been locked in an infighting with a diverse group of oppositionist in Yemen's north which they control much of. They are fighting with GPC members, certain tribes and clans, all of them loyal to the former president Ali Saleh whom the militia killed on December 4 for breaking ranks with them and declaring a discontinuation of the rebellion against the government.

  • Dhayf-Allah Al-Shami a member of the Houthis' de facto governing authority in north Yemen the Political Council said in a tweet: "Yemen is seeing the biggest campaign in history to cleanse traitors." The militant was referring to the campaign against oppositionists mainly GPC members in this present time. This is an official confession by the militia that their brutal campaign of killings, arrests, forcible disappearance, torture and other intimidations and abuses of oppositionists is a publicly and forthrightly announced cleansing campaign. # Source: Several media including Sout al-Yemen online news site.

  • Families now tend to assign shopping and outdoor chores to their female members in Bajel and other parts of the Red Sea port province of Hodeidah. This is caused by concerns about the abduction of boys by the Houthi reel militia. Once the militia abducts a boy he will be sent for brief compulsory training and then to the battlefield against the government or his family will have to sell their livestock and everything they have to pay a ransom for releasing him. #The gist of a report by Hunaa Aden website.
  • A woman and her three children were injured in a Houthi Katyucha rocket shelled on their village of Hajlan in Nate'a district of Yemen's central al-Beidha province on Sunday. #Source: Al-Sahwa website.

  • Houthis have begun a new campaign to confiscate the properties of businessmen loyal to the slain Ali Abdullah Saleh. Al-Yemen al-Youm

  • The Houthi militia is imposing on members of Yemen's marginalized community "Akhdam" in Ibb province to join their fight against the government, Yemen Voice news website learnt from local sources. Most of the Akhdam (black Yemenis of African origin) are uneducated and work as garbage collectors but, like other civil servicemen, they have not been paid for more than a year. The militia is exploiting their financial need now and recruiting them for a meager payment or even the mere promise of it.

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