Houthi militants have out-of-real-world protection against airstrikes

Houthi militants have out-of-real-world protection against airstrikes

The desperate attempt of Abdul-Malik al-Houthi to keep militiamen on in the years-long suicidal and fearless "Jihad" against the government has led him to invent an out-of-real-world formula for protection against the Arab Coalition's airstrikes.

In a recent speech the rebel leader said "if we want to reduce the number of fighters who get martyred or wounded by air strikes, we have to inform the faithful combatants to make 100 Tasbiha (god glorification mantra)."

The Houthi ideology takes root in a perverted version of Zaydi Shiit Islam which believes in holy war to kill anyone who comes in their leader's way to have an unrivaled mastership and sovereign rule by the virtue of him being "a descendant of prophet Mohammed".

Although the group's stated agenda is "repelling the aggression" of the government and its Arab backers but the group's coup that predated and triggered the current conflict and its earlier history of non-stopping wars shows that their real goal is to achieve their form of Islamic state, a goal they conceal in implementation of their sectarian principle of Taqiyya (dissimulation).


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