Press cuttings

Press cuttings


  • Yemen's military engineers have dismantled three landmine fields the Iran-aligned Houthi militants planted along its western coast. #Source: Several media
  • King Salman Center for Relief distributes 5000 food packs in al-Hazm the provincial capital of Yemen's eastern al-Jawf. # Source: Several media
  • The Houthi militia arrested Yahya Zaher a senior pro-Saleh official in Sana'a on Sunday. # Source: Several media.
  • The Houthi militants arrested Ibrahim Abdullah a bodyguard of the former president Ali Abdullah Saleh and two of his brothers and injured one of his children in Sana'a on Sunday. # Source: Yemen Press news website.
  • The army seized four military vehicles and arrested a number of Houthi rebel militiamen in the past hours. # Source: Several media
  • A man was severely wounded and his car was damaged by a Houthi planted landmine in Shabwah in eastern Yemen on Sunday. #Source: Al-Manara news website.
  • The Yemeni Council of Ministers said in a regular meeting on Sunday it is surprised that some donors implement projects " according to policies that do not serve the Yemeni people and legitimate government."

The state-run news agency Saba said the cabinet emphasized on the imperative on donors dealing with the government instead of the Houthi rebel militia without further details in this respect.

In the same session the Cabinet also condemned the Houthi militia's abuses against the GPC party members in Sana'a, calling on the international community to put an end to these abuses. The Houthis unleashed a brutal campaign against GPC members and other oppositionists since they declared discontinuing their rebellion against the government in late November.

  • Abduh al-Janadi a pro-Saleh official in former rebel alliance between slain Ali Abdullah Saleh and the Houthi violent religious militia has survived an assassination attempt in al-Howban in Taiz. Al-Janadi was appointed a Taiz governor by the rebel alliance the fractured upon Saleh's announcement of defection to the government's side his killing in retaliation at the hands of Houthi militiamen on December 4. Saleh loyalists have since been subjected to a massive Houthi brutal campaign of assassinations, arrests and other abuses.

According to eyewitnesses, unknown gunmen showered Al-Janadi's car with bullets killing one of his bodyguards and seriously injuring two others as they were driving in the Houthi-controlled al-Howban, the Houthi-controlled part of Yemen's central Taiz city on Sunday.




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