More than 1500 Houthi abuses in al-Shaqab in 2 years: HRITC reports

More than 1500 Houthi abuses in al-Shaqab in 2 years: HRITC reports

The Houthis have committed 1500 human rights abuses in al-Shaqab in Saber al-Mawadem district in Yemen's central province of Taiz over the past two years.

In a report issued on Sunday, the Taiz-based Human Rights Information and Training Center (HRITC) said that the religious rebel militia's abuses ranged from shelling towns with various projectiles to murder, abduction, tortures and imposing blockades and masses displacements.

The report covered Houthis' abuses in all parts of Taiz but allocated a chapter for al-Shaqab a small region of more than 10,000 residents. The report said "hundreds of projectiles were fired in an intentionally indiscriminate way on the villages of Al-Shaqab which caused the death of 49 persons and injury of 182 others, most of them women and children."

The HRITC also reported the "total destruction of 23 houses and partial damage of more than 200 houses by the Houthi shelling as per the documentation of the fact-finding team."

"The militia totally destroyed four mosques and damaged 235 farms."

The report attributed the militia's interest in al-Shaqab due to its strategic location as the southern gateway to the city of Taiz which the militia has been besieging since March 2015. 

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