Press cuttings

Press cuttings

  1. The Houthi militia fired a rocket on the mosque of a camp belonging to the Yemeni army's " Third Arabhood Brigade" killing and injuring scores of soldiers and inflicting huge damage in the mosque and neighboring facilities. #Source:Masader website.
  3. The people of the Red Sea port city of Hodeidah are living on one meal a day while the Houthi rebel militia is looting their city's natural resources and the humanitarian aid that comes from donors. #Source: Iqlim Tihama website.

  4. The Houthi radical rebel militia has tortured Ahmed al-Ghazali an engineering student from the University of Sciences and Technology in Sana'a. He and his wife were abducted by the militiamen two weeks ago near the university's hostel. Without any charges against him, the militia has reportedly tortured him in several ways including by stubbing out lightened cigars on his body. #Source: Social media and news websites.

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