HR abuse investigators survey Houthi victims in Taiz

HR abuse investigators survey Houthi victims in Taiz

The National Committee for Investigating Alleged Human Rights Abuses has surveyed individuals and whole villages and areas in Yemen's central province of Taiz to collect their testimonies about the abuses they have suffered at the hands of Houthi rebel militiamen.

The Committee's investigators began their fact-gathering mission on Friday with visits to scores of men, women and children whom the extremist Shiit Islamist militia forcibly displaced from their al-Ashrooh region. The villagers related the stories of their displacement and the abuses they and their houses and farms have come under at the hands of the invading militia.

The investigators collected testimonies from the population of Jabal Habashi highland the population of al-Qawz, al-Mihal and other villages the Houthi landmines have killed and injured many people and still pose a threat to the future.

The investigators surveyed injured survivors of landmines, including women. The villagers said that 40 families face the threat of death if they return to their boob-trapped houses. Therefore, they are still living displaced.

Then the investigators met with mothers of Taizi activists abducted by the Houthis and held incommunicado in the militia's jails in the capital Sana'a  or any other province. The investigators discussed the list of the abductees' names as per their Committee's own list. They agreed with the abductees' mothers on cooperation in doing their best to rescue the prisoners whose relatives for their safety and lives in the extremists' jails notorious for brutal torture.


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