Angry families continue to abandon Houthi-controlled Sana'a

Angry families continue to abandon Houthi-controlled Sana'a

Angry families struggling with suppressed bitterness and anger continue to abandon the Houthi-controlled Sana'a for fears about their sons as the Shiit Islamist militia continues to recruit child fighters without the consent and knowledge of their parents.

The militiamen find schools an ideal place to replenish their deficiency in manpower caused by their three year insurgency against the internationally recognized government and its Arab backers.

Yemen Voice news website reported that "Sana'a is witnessing a mass immigration by hundreds of people toward the government-liberated provinces" saying Sana'a might "turn into a ghostly town", in other words, free of residents.

Several media report a stagnancy in the educational and other services and commercial sectors as the public grapple with several fears.

The parents of students in many schools have jointly issued "an unsigned statement demanding the Houthis to stop embroiling their sons in the battles," Yemen Voice said.

Abdul-Baset al-Shojaa the director of Sana'a Media Center, based in Marib, said that recruiting child fighters from schools "has increased since the Houthis maintain the hold on the capital city."

"The recruitment  of child fighters and sending them into warfronts has picked up a quicker pace since the killing of the former president Ali Abdullah Saleh (in December 4)," he told Yemen Voice.

The militia prefer child fighters because they can easily indoctrinate them and turn them into fearless lethal fighters.


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