Press cuttings

Press cuttings




  1. The chief of the Supreme Committee for Relief Abduraqib Fatah has condemned the long international silence for the Houthi atrocities of shelling and besieging Yemen's central city of Taiz. He told the state-run Saba news agency that the rebel Houthis have been killing civilians especially women and children amidst "a shameful flagrant" international silence.

  2. Members of the Houthi rebel militia stabbed and shot dead Mutee al-Nakhlani a barber in Sana'a on Saturday for hanging the photo of the former rebel leader Ali Abdullah Saleh whom the militia killed for shifting loyalty to the government. Source, eyewitnesses told Al-Shahed website.Al-Nakhlani was killed in front of his wife and children in a barbaric way, said the eyewitnesses.

"It looked an ISIL-style physical elimination, said Mohammed al-Matari, an eyewitness. The pleads of his wife and children for the members of the Houthi Death Squad to spare his life came to no avail, he said. #Source: Al-Shahed website.


  1. The Houthi militants killed Mohammed Abdullah an officer in the Republican Guards with his wife and four children showering them with bullets on their car in Sana'a on Saturday evening, Minister of State Salah Assayadi told Al-Yemen Assaeed website. The officer was driving heading outside Sana'a with his three sons and daughter.
  2. Houthi militias have arrested and detained 3000 members of the GPC since they unleashed a crackdown on the party members in late November.

  3. Saudi analyst Ali al-Tawati told al-Hadath regional TV channel that regardless of how much humanitarian assistance the UN sends to North Yemen, the Houthi rebel militia will confiscate and sell them to generate more funds for their insurgency. The only solution for the humanitarian crisis, he said, is to uproot the Houthi guerrilla.

  4. More than 58 dead bodies of Houthi fighters including child fighters have arrived from the warfront of Beihan city in Shabwa to Dhamar provinces # Source: Al-Sahwa website.

  5. The Yemeni Coalition for Monitoring Human Rights Violations confirmed in recent statement that the Houthi militia has abducted and forcibly disappeared 18606 people in different provinces of the country during the period September 2014 – July 2017.

  6. Following suit of their figurehead Ali Saleh who defected from the alliance with Houthis to President Abd-Rabbu Hadi's government, convoys of military and tribal leaders have arrived from Dhamar to the government-held city of Marib to declare breaking ranks with the radical militia.

  7. Ameera al-Ezzi a female teacher was shot dead by a Houthi gunman in front of her house in Al-Dhihar district of the Houthi-controlled province of Ibb on Friday evening. # Source: several TV channels and websites

  8. In a press release, the Mothers of Abductees an organization representing the mothers of prisoners in Houthi jails have renewed their appeal to the UN Special Envoy to Yemen Ismail Ould Cheikh to press the militia for the release of their forcibly disappeared sons.# Source: Several websites.

  9. The Deputy Sports Minister in the self-proclaimed government during former Houthi-Saleh alliance Nora al-Jarawi has announced her defection to the government's side. Nora announced her defection after arriving in the government-held Marib city. She had escaped an assassination attempt in Sana'a earlier this month. More and more GPC party members are declaring swap of loyalty after their figurehead Saleh was killed at the hands of the militia. # Source: Video posted Several media.

  10. For several days, the heavily armed Houthi militias have been showering al-Hayma villages in Taiz with rockets as part of their attempt to take control of the area. Unidentified number of locals including civilians have been killed and injured. # Source: Several media.

  11. The Shiit Islamist rebels of Houthis controlling the capital Sana'a have issued directives to their self-proclaimed "Central Bank of Yemen" in Sana'a to freeze the bank accounts of 1223 persons and institutions loyal to the Yemeni government.





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