Houthis conduct mass arrest of citizens in Saadah

Houthis conduct mass arrest of citizens in Saadah


The Houthi rebel militia has been conducting a wide campaign of arrests of suspected oppositionists in Razeh and Haydan districts of Saada province, local sources said.

"Members of the militia have stormed houses in al-Ghawr area of Razeh and abducted 20 people taking them to jails," said one source. The source said that the arrests are part of the militia's series of abductions and forced disappearances it imposes on oppositionists. The source cited the following as some of the latest arrestees:

Abdullah Salem Masmiyah, Derhem Ali Hussein, Isam Yahya Saleh, Saleh Jaber, Mohammed Ahmed, Hussein Abu Awthah, Abdullah Thabet, Nayef Qamee and Jamil Qamee.

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