Aden security forces deny entry of civilians fleeing Houthi atrocities

Aden security forces deny entry of civilians fleeing Houthi atrocities

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Security forces guarding the entrances of Aden, known as the Security Belt, have denied tens of families fleeing the Houthis in the north entry into the southern city of Aden, in fact the country's temporary capital, this week.

Hundreds of families in buses were searched for hours in the checkpoints of Masnaa al-Hadeed, a northern gateway to Aden, but were finally told to come back, several media reported.

Most of them are unwilling or unable to come back to the north where the Houthi militants are carrying out a massive brutal campaign against oppositionists and even punishing the masses once media content suggesting dissent from their puritan political/religious beliefs is found in their smartphones.

The persecution worsened after the group managed to quell an uprising against them, at least in Sana'a, and killed the uprising's leader, the former President Ali Saleh on December 4.

This prompted a wave of displacements from Sana'a and other northern provinces where infighting between Houthis and former allied tribesmen is still going on.

On Saturday Prime Minister Ahmed bin Daghr had ordered the Security Belt to facilitate the travel of northerners fleeing Houthi persecution and to avoid "any verbal abuse" or "delay or humiliating searches" to them.

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