Sixty-five families lost breadwinner in Taiz in Oct. and Nov., CHR says

Sixty-five families lost breadwinner in Taiz in Oct. and Nov., CHR says

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Sixty five families in the central Yemen city of Taiz lost their breadwinner in the conflict in October and November 2017, the Coalition for Humanitarian Relief (CHR) organization said in a periodical report issued on Monday.

The CHR said "around 200 other persons who earn the livelihoods of their families are out of work now incapacitated by injuries sustained during the two months."

From the civilian casualty perspective during this period the CHR said "18 children and six women were killed and 22 children and 10 women were critically wounded in the semi-daily bombardment of the city by the radical Houthi rebel militia. "It (the conflict) left 245 orphans who need assistance now."

The report said: "As many as 209 families were forced to displacement out of their rural Taiz houses, 25 of them from al-Jeerat village in Saber al-Mawadem district. The 184 others were displaced from al-Qoos village in Jabal Habashi district."

The report documented several other abuses. Taiz is largely under the control of the government forces and the Houthi heavily armed militants control the city's perimeter which they hold on to firmly to maintain their three years of siege.

From their posts they continually fire Katyucha, Howitzer and other rockets into the city's densely populated neighborhoods claiming to target military posts. But the city insiders always document "massacres" as the rockets land on markets and houses.

They even accuse the rebels of being intentionally indiscriminate in their bombardments.


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