GPC female activists says escaped Houthi attempt on her life

GPC female activists says escaped Houthi attempt on her life

Nora Al-Jarawi a femake activist in the GPC party said on Monday she has escaped an assassination attempt by Houthi Shiit Islamists in Sana'a.

"I narrowly escaped killing, the Houthi group is conducting an all-out campaign of physical eliminations against the GPC members,"  she posted on her Facebook page without elaborating on the assassination bid.

"They are indeed the most dangerous terrorist organization in the world," she said. She said that she is a fugitive now and a Houthi militant replaced her in her job.

In the same day the Houthis stormed the house of Dalia Dayel a female newsreader in Al-Yemen Al-Yowm TV channel owned by the former President Ali Saleh whom the militia killed in December 4 for sparking an uprising against them in Yemen's north.

They assaulted her and her husband and looted their house.

So far the Houthis have arrested 50 women, mostly protesters demanding the release of Saleh's body.

Houthis have killed hundreds of GPC members including Saleh since the he led a GPC revolt against the Houthis.

The Houthis have also abducted hundreds others into forced disappearance and detonated dozens of houses, 20 of them in the northern province of Hajjah alone in the past week.

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