Houthis kill GPC members, blow up their houses

Houthis kill GPC members, blow up their houses

The Houthis have killed and arrested scores of GPC party members and blew up their houses in the provinces Tehama in the past week, officials from Tehma reported.

"The Houthis have killed and kidnapped people in dozens in the provinces of Hajja, Mahweet and Hodeidah," a local government committee reported saying that is the toll recorded since the former president Ali Abdullah Saleh was killed.

Saleh was killed for shifting his loyalty from Houthi rebels to the internationally recognized government.

His change of loyalty sparked a revolt of his followers against Houthis in many provinces. But the Houthis responded with a violent campaign that has resulted in the killing of many GPC members and the blowup of their houses; in Hajja 21 GPC affiliates were killed and 150 others were arrested. Twenty houses were blown up. In Mahweet 49 affiliates were arrested."

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