Houthis deploy Basij-like forces to block Sana'a exits

Houthis deploy Basij-like forces to block Sana'a exits

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The rebel Houthis have deployed forces that look pretty much like Iran's Basij paramilitary force in the Sana'a exit roads to block families from leaving the capital which they control, eyewitnesses and media outlets reported.

Early this month the Iran-aligned violent religious group managed to quell an uprising against them by the GPC members in Sana'a and killed their figurehead the former President Ali Saleh.

Since then the group has been rounding up scores of members of the party to jail and persecuting the sympathizing masses forcing hundreds of families to leave. As the flow of migration to the government-held territories was noticed, the militia began blocking the roads.  

"The Houthi militia deployed forces in al-Sawad, al-Hotheili, Dar Salm al-Asbahi and the capital's eastern, western and southern outlets," a local Sana'a resident told Al-Ahrar website.

Sources said that "those who have been deployed do not seem to wear a typical military uniform (which we know) nor are plainclothes men as Houthi militants usually are." From their different uniform, "beards and some subtle features they look like Iranian Revolutionary Guards." "They must be Houthi men who have been trained by Iranians in Saada," said the source.

Despite the tight measures, hundreds of families have successfully made it to Aden, Taiz and Marib. The uprising in other parts of north Yemen, like Hajja, is still going on despite the brutal Houthi offensive there which includes en mass killings and abductions of oppositionists and detonation of scores of houses.

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