Unprecedented migration of GPC members southward

Unprecedented migration of GPC members southward

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An unprecedented rate of migration GPC party members from the Houthi-controlled Sana'a to south Yemen is still going on, according to several political sources.

Since killing the former president and GPC de facto leader in Sana'a Ali Saleh last Monday the Houthis almost quelled an uprising against them that pitted the party members against the radical Iran-aligned militiamen of Houthis.

Ever since the atmosphere in Sana'a has been one of great fear as a result of the militia's persecution and crackdown on all prominent supporters of Saleh. This prompted a migration out of Sana'a to Aden, Taiz, Marib and other government-held provinces.

Lastly Nabil al-Sofi a media figurehead close to Saleh is said to have arrived in Aden, among the fugitives.

Prime Minister Ahmed bin-Daghr has reported directed the army checkpoints in south Yemen to facilitate the arrival of migrants coming from the north and stop any sort of mistreatments.  


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