Houthis kill over 30 GPC members, detonate 20 houses in a week

Houthis kill over 30 GPC members, detonate 20 houses in a week

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The Houthis have killed more than 30 members of the General People's Congress (GPC) and detonated the houses of 20 members of the party in the northern province of Hajjah last week as part of the campaign to quell the uprising that the party led recently against extremist Shiit Islamist group.

The GPC led by its de facto leader in Yemen's north the former President Ali Saleh broke a three year anti-government alliance with the group and at the end of November led an uprising against them but the Iran-aligned rebels quickly crushed Saleh's revolt and killed him in his house in Sana'a on Monday.

They could not however crush the uprising in Hajjah and  brutal campaign has led to the detonation of 20 houses of senior GPC members and a collateral damage to 106 adjacent houses. The detonated houses belong to, among many, the following persons:

  1. Akram al-Zorqa
  2. Nabil Rajeh
  3. Osama Seraa
  4. Hasssan Yahya
  5. Mohammed Yahya
  6. Mohammed Hadish
  7. Ali Seraa
  8. Shoayb Saraaa
  9. Abdullah Saraa,
  10. Shoo'ee Saraa

The costs of losses are estimated in tens of millions of rials. The Houthis abducted 150 citizens including children of Saleh loyalists, http://alsahwa-yemen.net/ learnt.  

The prosecutions and crackdowns forced a mass immigration of GPC party members and Saleh loyalists toward the government-held south and east of Yemen.

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