Houthi women militants storm Sana'a houses, abuse women, men

Houthi women militants storm Sana'a houses, abuse women, men

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Women fighters of the Houthi violent religious group that took complete control of Sana'a by eliminating their GPC party faction on Monday have begun a campaign of storming the houses of suspected oppositionists abusing women and men.

A senior GPC member Fayeka Assayed tweeted that "the Battalions of Zaynabiyat [named after prophet Mohammed's daughter] are now storming the houses of Sana'a, searching women, taking men and children as hostages and executing some of them."

"All GPC members are now under house arrest," she said.

GPC members of all roles have quit political activism and opted for tightlippedness. Some of them even announced retirement and renounced their jobs. One significant example of those is Mohammed al-Maswari the lawyer of the former President Ali Saleh who was killed by the rebel group on Monday.

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