Yemen: Local Press Headlines:

Yemen: Local Press Headlines:



  • Yemen's Cabinet says it will not be silent on the Houthi campaign of physical eliminations against leaders and grassroots of the GPC party.
  • Houthi militia launch a campaign of abductions, house storming and dreadful abuses.
  • After blocking all social networking websites, Houthis cut off internet connection in the capital Sana'a.
  • Information Minister: Houthi militia want to isolate the population under their control from the world and commit massacres against them out of the world's sight.
  • Human Rights Watch condemns Houthi violations in Yemen.
  • The Yemeni people now under house arrest (commentary).
  • Information Minister: The population of Sana'a are subjected to genocides and have become under house arrests amid international silence.
  • Statistics show more than 1963 persons were killed and 3000 were arrested between 2 and 6 of December 2017 in Sana'a alone as Houthis brutally quell uprising against them across the northern part of Yemen.
  • Dozens of families continue to leave Sana'a to government-held Aden, Taiz and Marib after the radical Houthi militia took control of the capital.
  • PM bin-Daghr orders governors of government-held provinces to receive displaced members of the GPC party, leaders and grassroots.
  • Formerly rebel units of the Republican Guards in Hodeida join the army to liberate Hodeida from the Houthi militia.
  • Female newsreader Ema al-Meqdad bursts in crying as she reads breaking news of violent Houthi assault on women protesters against them in Sana'a.
  • Houthi militias are holding senior leaders of the de facto GPC party in Sana'aunder house arrest. In order to brainwash them to rebel against the Sana'a GPC and proclaim themselves as new leadership re-allying with the militia.
  • Body of GPC leader Aref Azooka who was killed by Houthis has arrived to his home city of Ataq, Shabwah.
  • Houthi militias shell Bani Seraa villages and houses in the northern province of Hajjah.
  • Houthi militia detonates houses of civilians in Bani Seraa, Hajjah.
  • Yemen's army recaptures Red Sea port city of Khowkha from Houthi rebels, thanks to Republican Guards swap of sides from the Houthis to the government.
  • Houthis execute the first parliament member, Mohammed al-Omaysi from the General People's Congress party in Khowkha district, Taiz.
  • Army spokesman: Army advances will reduce Iranian supply of arms to the radical militias in Hodeida and Jawf.
  • Clan and supporters of former president want the Houthi militia to hand over his body unconditionally.

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