Houthi group committing crimes against humanity to quell uprising

Houthi group committing crimes against humanity to quell uprising

The Houthi violent religious group is committing varied and numerous atrocities that amount to crimes against humanity in their attempt to quell the uprising against them in the capital Sana'a and elsewhere, observers and activists said

The varied and horrific abuses prompted the foreign minister Abdul-Malik al-Mekhlafi to call on the international community (during a meeting with the US ambassador on Tuesday) to condemn them and "send a strong message to stop the rebels from killing, abducting and terrorizing civilians and politicians in Sana'a."

After the group killed their ally-turned-foe the former President Ali Saleh the group continued to kill and detain allies who freshly rebelled against them.

In Sana'a they began a wide campaign of executions, arrests and a buses.

Reports say the executed Abduljanadi, Sadeq Abu Ras and Murad Owbali among several members of the General People's Congress Party (GPC), Saleh's party.

They assaulted (with stun batons and clubs) and terrorized dozens of women protesters who demanded the handover of the corpses of the previously killed oppositionists including the former President Saleh.

They have also been rounding up key GPC members to jails in Sana'a and arresting them and detonating their houses in Hajjah. They detonated the houses of two other oppositionists in their stronghold of Saada too, for the same reason – being members of GPC and supporters of the party's uprising against Houthis.

The group killed several GPC members in Hajjah and their relatives and bombed their houses, the Houthi's modus operandi in subjugating oppositionists.   On Sunday they killed Akram al-Zorka and his son and mutilated their bodies. Then they blew up his house in downtown Hajjah.

The atmosphere in the streets of Sana'a is gloomy and filled with terror these days, an activist who identified himself as S.Y said by WhatsApp and asked his message to be deleted. "Their militants deployed their checkpoints in the capital Sana'a and began checking phones to check for any clues that the phone owners are oppositionists to their ideology," he said.

The atmosphere of fear has forced several families to migrate from the ghostly capital to government-controlled Aden and Marib cities for fear or Houthi revenge because of their male members' affiliation with GPC, Yemen's former ruling and biggest party.  

Last but not least, the militia sent military campaigns to the central Yemen province of Taiz. The campaigns began shelling villages and killing several civilians in Aselw and Mokha districts in Taiz on Wednesday.

The Houthi invasion southward was emboldened by the severe blow they dealt to the GPC party of whom the slain Saleh was a de facto head in Sana'a.

And they have been detained 41 journalists of al-Yemen al-Yowm TV channel for supporting the uprising, adding them to hundreds of journalists and activists the militia holds for years.


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