Houthis assault women as uprising continues

Houthis assault women as uprising continues

The Houthi violent religious group is still trying to quell by force an uprising against them in the capital Sana'a, this time assaulting and abusing large numbers of women protesters.


Hundreds of women took to the streets of Al-Sabeen Square in Sana'a on Wednesday to condemn the rebel militia's grip on the capital and killing of the former President Ali Saleh in a graphic execution that sent a shock wave across the country.

Houthi militants beat them severely with stun batons, shot intimidating fire and took some of them to their vehicles by force to take them to jails. "They are beating us with stun batons," one woman shouted as the video of terrified women shows.

"The martyr is the beloved of God," chanted the protesters referring to Saleh and several GPC party members and activists who were killed by the militias in the past few days.

The Houthis is a small group in Yemen's north but was able to expand and grow stronger gradually thanks to their Al-Qaeda-style ideologization of children and turning them to fearless lethal fighters.  

Add to that their receiving, over the years, of support from Iran and Saleh whom they finally killed for defecting from the anti-government alliance with them.  

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