PM calls UN Security Council to stop Houthi arrests of GPC members

PM calls UN Security Council to stop Houthi arrests of GPC members

The Prime Minister has voiced concern over the life of senior GPC party members seized by the Houthi radical rebel militias in the capital Sana'a calling on the UN Security Council to intervene to stop the arrests.  

In a statement to Saba, Ahmed bin-Daghr said the militias should bear responsibility for the detainees' safety. The militias arrested dozens members and killed others including the former head of the party and former head of state Ali Abdullah Saleh upon breaking a three years long anti-government alliance with them.

Bin-Daghr called on the UN Security Council and the Arab League to intervene to stop that and secure the release of the already seized.

The militias committed horrific abuses including mass killings and arrests to quell a popular anti-Houthi uprising in their areas of control and ended up killing senior GPC defectors in the fifth day among them was Saleh.

Bin-Daghr mainly voiced concern about "the subjection of detainees to abuses and torture" in the radical militias' jails.

Yemen's permanent envoy to the UN Khaled Alyemani told the UN Security Council on Tuesday that the Houthis have executed thousands of people in the capital Sana'a in the past couple of days.

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