Clashes renew between Iran-aligned Houthis and Saleh supporters

Clashes renew between Iran-aligned Houthis and Saleh supporters

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Clashes have renewed in Sana'a between the supporters of the former President Ali Saleh and militants of the Iran-aligned Houthi movement.

The clashes which started five days ago were strongly inflamed by Saleh's defection from the alliance with Houthis that battled the Arab Coalition-backed government for nearly three years.

On Sunday the city center of the capital Sana'a was a scene of violent confrontation that holed up civilians in houses and killed 36 fighters and injured 225 others, according to the Yemeni army's news website The clashes occurred in the Political Quarter, the 50-meter road, western 60 meter road, al-Zubeiri and other important neighborhoods and streets.

The Arab Coalition strikes aided the Saleh supporters and launches five air raids on Houthi military sites on the hilltops of Arayan in southern Sana'a, al-Daylami airbase and other locations.

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