Yemen re-opens airport for receiving relief aid

Yemen re-opens airport for receiving relief aid

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Yemen has re-opened an airport that has been in disuse as a result of the conflict for using it to receive aid deliveries from donors.

The Arab Coalition maintained al-Ghaydha Airport in the southeastern province in al-Amhara and put it back in operation, the Coalition announced on Friday.

The chief of Yemen's Supreme Committee for Relief Aid Abduraqib Fatah said the operation of the airport will contribute toward dispersing the previously centralized aid into five distribution centers in different parts of the country. 

He told the official news agency that his committee had prepared a plan to set up five aid distribution centers with every center having air, land and sea supply ports to rely on for the reception of foreign aid .

Saudi Arabia was the first to use the re-opened airport for delivering aid to Yemen as the first aid shipment arrived today on a Saudi airplane.


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