Saleh takes quick control over rival Houthis

Saleh takes quick control over rival Houthis

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The forces of the ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh controlled large parts of the capital Sana'a on Saturday after a four-day battle with their allied Houthi militias with whom they battled the internationally recognized government for three years, local sources said.

The sources said the Saleh forces controlled whole southern half of the city and major neighborhoods in its north, and Saleh delivered a speech in which blamed the devastating rebellion in the country on the Houthis.

The Arab Coalition in response issued a statement blessing the uprising of the ruling party GPC's supporters against the Iran-aligned militias.

"The GPC's members restoration of control and taking the the Yemeni people's side will rid Yemen of the Iranian sectarian militias and bring Yemen back to its Arab surrounding," read the statement of the coalition issued on Saturday.

In a speech, the Vice President Ali Mohsen Saleh also hailed the GPC supporters' uprising calling on all Yemenis to stand together in the face of the militias.

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