UN heart does not beat for Yemeni civilians

UN heart does not beat for Yemeni civilians

By Qays Naaman (Commentary)

The Arab Coalition's brief  blockade on the rebels-controlled Sana'a Airport and Hodeida Seaport revealed that the heart of the United Nations beats and worries, but not for the civilians as it claims. 

The blockade, which of course has now been lifted, triggered a big uproar from the UN and international media under the pretext that it is fatal to the civilians in terms of cutting food and medicines supply, etcetera. When the   

First and foremost, Yemen's biggest humanitarian misery arising from blockade exists in Taiz, where the Houthi-Saleh militias are cutting at least hundreds of thousands of people off desperately needed relief supply and off connection with most of the country.

This blockade along with the continual killing and atrocities against the people there has been going for three years and neither the UN nor the hypocrite international media said a single word about it.



Second, the blockade on Sana'a and Hodeida ports was only a brief precautionary measure triggered by the militias' firing of ballistic missiles toward the Saudi capital, the militias import such through Yemeni ports from Iran.

Third, the Arab Coalition has at no time intended to cut off relief supply to the rebel-controlled militias. To know the truth about this one should ask themselves, "who is the main provider of humanitarian aid to the militia-controlled territories for the last three years of the war?!". The answer, if honest, should refute the claims and wipe the crocodile tears of all those who accuse the Coalition of wanting to starve civilians.

Fourth, how many times did the Arab Coalition ask the UN to handle the management and/or supervision of Sana'a airport to ensure that civilian flights and shipments take place normally while guaranteeing to Saudi Arabia and to the Yemeni people that Iranian arms and  experts are not allowed in the country? Proposals to which the UN responded with refusal.

Finally, the militias are responsible for the 2014 military takeover which triggered the ensuing conflict and the humanitarian misery that Yemenis have reached to. They plunged the country into all this chaos, knowing but not caring about the magnitude of tragedy that would unfold as a result of their actions and treacherous change of allegiance to a foreign hostile country, Iran.

Up to this moment they still refuse all the UN resolutions and political settlement offers that will lead to ending their unlawful takeover of power knowing what impact does that have on their nation which is already teetering on the brink of famine and absolute collapse.

The UN knows all that and that the militias are a religious Shiite extremist group that actually does not care about the life of civilians let alone the advanced values of democracy, power sharing, pluralism and federalism.

The UN is also aware that civilians are the victims of the militias and that the real famine-like conditions and continual massacres exist in the militia-besieged Taiz not in Sana'a, Aden or anywhere else in the country.

Yet the Humanitarian Coordinator Jamie McGoldrick is staying tightlipped and his heart beats and voice is heard only when and where the extremist militias' hurt and start complaining, because of tightened measures tightened against the import of ballistic missiles and Iranian experts.  Not when or where the civilians hurt. 

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