Assassinations on the rise in Houthi-Saleh administered areas

Assassinations on the rise in Houthi-Saleh administered areas

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There are increasing reports of assassinations and assassination attempts between rebel warlords affiliated to the former dictator Ali Saleh and Abdulmalik al-Houthi who have been for long allies against the government but, of late, allies with some degree of rivalry brewing amongst them.   

In the past few days, local sources reported the assassination of Saleh-affiliated figure Hashem Mohammed in the Red Seaport city of Hodeida on Sunday; assassination attempt against Saleh-aligned business tycoon Ahmed Qutran that left him injured but his son and an unidentified number of bodyguards killed in Sana'a on Friday; Houthi-aligned Sefr Al-Sofi was killed with his bodyguards in Dhamar on Friday by unknown gunmen. Al-Sofi's is the tenth most wanted on the Saudi wanted list of 40 Houthi militants. On his head is $10 million bounty. Reports say more assassinations are taking place in the rebels-administered provinces but the stories do not make their way to the media owing to the radical Houthis' formidable censorship.

The rebel factions point fingers to one another for the assassinations and call each other "the fifth column" on their media outlets.

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